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Unique license plate

The license plate king is the only and most special license plate manufacturer in Hong Kong, and it is also a qualified license plate manufacturer certified by the Hong Kong government; at this time, you can create your own unique license plate.

Exclusive license plate

Tailor-made exclusive license plates for various car models

World famous car

Tailor-made exclusive license plates for famous cars in various countries


Eye-catching license plate special offer


Eye-catching license plate special offer


Exquisite small gifts are waiting for you

Give a small gift

There are all kinds of small gifts that you like

Smart license plate

All types of driving vehicles are equipped with type license plates

Particularly stylish

Tailor-made motorcycles license plates

Professional installation

Do my best

Fast and pretty

Have a surprise

New driving licence

You are a new driver's license user

You have offer

Order the license plate online after receiving the driver's license

Many styles

Top quality

Clear price

Partner of license plate king

Hong Kong Government Certified Qualified License Plate Manufacturer

A list of companies that have been certified by the Transport Department to certify that they meet the British Standard Specification of B.S. AU 145a

Long-term cooperation with major institutions and government departments

Electrical and Mechanical Services Department

Kowloon Motor Bus Company (1933) Limited